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How does a slushy machine work?

The correct concentrate is needed for the production of consistent and great tasting slushies. The 'slushing up' of the mix relies upon the correct 'brix' level, essentially the sugar acts an anti-freeze feature of the mix preventing the forming ice crystals from binding together and creating solid clumps of ice.

A typical slushy machine has three major components; a large bowl, a freezing core and a spiralled mixing paddle/auger rotating around the core. The thermostat controlled freezing core brings the slushy mix down to the desired temperature while the paddle continually scrapes ice off and away from the core.

Can I put just any juice or cordial in the machine and hope for the best?

Of course you can! …..But you run the risk of damaging your machine if the contents of the bowl freezes solid. If you are lucky you may end up with a chilled beverage with some icy bits in it! Why run the risk, our slushy concentrates are specially formulated to give you perfect slushy consistency and superior taste!

How long does it take for my slushy machine to freeze?

If you have one of our machines and it is operating within desirable parameters, you may be dispensing slushy into your cup within an hour.

The speed of the slush process will depend on the initial temperature of the slushy mix, the ambient temperature, and the airflow around the machine. For example, if you stick your machine outside in direct sunlight on a 40 degree day and fill it with warm mix, don’t expect miracles to happen, you will be waiting a while!

Essentially all slushy machines are designed to operate in an indoor environment. They also perform well in outside conditions as long as you find a nice shaded spot. For fast freezing of slush in extreme conditions, we recommend pre chilling the mix in a refrigerator or freezer.

How often does a slushy machine need to be cleaned?

The continuously frozen/chilled environment significantly reduces the rate of deterioration of the machine contents.

However, regular cleaning is required and the recommended frequency of this will depend upon the kind of product - every three days if it contains dairy, much less often for fruit, and less frequently still for soft drinks.

Under moderate to heavy usage we recommend to pull the machine down and clean and sanitise every two to four weeks.

Are there any ‘sugar free’ slushy’s I can serve in my machine?

The sugar in the slushy mix is the most natural way to provide the soft wet slurry consistency of good slushy. To provide a sugar free alternative would require artificial sweeteners and anti-freeze components such as sorbitol (a sugar alcohol). Any slushy mix claiming to be sugar free is not going to be a healthy alternative and is not always safe for diabetics.